Everything you need to sell gift cards is right here.
Easy Set-Up.
Set-up is easy and fast! After you design your cards, all you need is a simple download to your chosen processing equipment. The download is done over the phone, and we'll call you to schedule a good time to do that. The download process will take about five minutes. Using the system is simple, and employee training takes less than 5 minutes.
Extensive equipment options.
We pride ourselves on our extensive list of compatible POS and terminals. We work with almost all of the most popular models, including Verifone and Hypercom, so if you're already processing credit cards, most likely you can process gift, too. Just give us a call for a quick confirmation that our system will work with what you have.
Combination Gift and Loyalty option.
All of your gift cards can be loyalty cards, too. There is no extra equipment or software needed to process loyalty cards. Think of it as two "wallets" on the card that "talk" to each other depending on how your program is set up. Visit our loyalty page for more information on what loyalty can do for your business. The software for Loyalty is the same as Gift Cards, so there is no extra equipment needed to process loyalty.
Balance Check Pages.
Customers of yours want to be able to check their card balances. Free of charge, we provide you with:
- Toll-free balance check phone numbers, printed on the back of each card
- Balance check web pages that integrate directly into your website
- Balance check web pages separate from your website
Ask us about E-Commerce integration to accept and sell gift cards from your online store.
Detailed Reports
Our bookkeeper-friendly reports tell you everything you want to know about your gift card program. We will email reports automatically daily, weekly, monthly, or by request. We make it easy to use our reports to design marketing campaigns for specific customers. Visit our marketing page for more information on our revenue-boosting marketing solutions.

What makes our cards better?
Find out how interactive gift & loyalty cards with
QR barcodes benefit your business in unique ways